Get Tipsy for Tipsy

Tipsy is a beautiful little soul with a heart full of love and affection waiting to be shared. She forms deep bonds quickly once she feels secure, relishing in cuddles and affection from her human. As a true lap dog, she adores being close and showering her family with unconditional love. However, her gentle nature may sometimes manifest as submissive behaviors due to a lack of confidence.

Tipsy flourishes in the presence of experienced owners who can devote ample time and attention to her. She thrives in a tranquil environment where her boundaries are respected, and her subtle cues are understood. A patient and understanding household is essential for her to thrive and feel truly at ease.

Although Tipsy’s journey hasn’t been without challenges, her intelligence shines through. She walks gracefully on a leash, enjoying her daily strolls, and is incredibly food motivated, making training a joyous experience. While she may prefer to keep her distance from other dogs, her loyalty and devotion to her human know no bounds.

Tipsy’s past includes conflicts with another dog in the household and occasional displays of territorial aggression. Having never been around children, she requires a serene environment where she can feel safe and secure.

It’s important to approach Tipsy with a patient and calm demeanor, coupled with consistent training methods. With gradual socialisation and exposure to new experiences, she has the potential to blossom and overcome any anxieties she may harbor.

Tipsy is a sweet and loving dog longing for a stable and nurturing forever home. With VERY experienced owners who can offer her the love and understanding she deserves, she will undoubtedly flourish into the devoted companion she was meant to be.

Age · 9 years

Gender · Female

Breed · Jack Russell Terrier X Dachshund

Shelter arrival date · 3 Feb 2024

Price · $400

Microchip · 978102100268277

Tag · 33310

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