Jackie (Chan)

Introducing Jackie (Chan)! This lovable dog is as friendly and sweet as they come, embodying all the best qualities you could wish for in a furry companion. Always ready for a fun adventure, Jackie exudes confidence like it’s going out of style, charming everyone he meets.

One of Jackie’s most beloved hallmarks is his heartfelt love of human companionship. Whether it’s going on walks, participating in playtime, or simply curling up at your feet for a good rest, Jackie always tries to be in your company. Due to this, he may occasionally express some anxiety when he’s alone too long, therefore, being with a family that could spend ample time with him would be perfect.

Speaking of walks, Jackie is a dream on the leash. Despite his size, he’s relatively easy to handle and always excited to explore the great outdoors at your side.

As a food connoisseur, Jackie’s got a real knack for mealtime! You can utilise this trait to help train him further – no treat will go unappreciated by this four-legged foodie. Nothing pleases him more than a delicious reward for a job well done.

If you’re searching for a companion who’s full of love, confidence, and never-ending affection, then Jackie (Chan) might just be your perfect match. Guaranteed to bring joy, laughter, and a truly unbreakable bond, this canine companion is eagerly waiting to meet his new family. Bring Jackie home and make your home his own personal happiness dojo!

Age · 2 years 8 Months

Gender · Male

Breed · Australian Bulldog x Bull Arab

Shelter arrival date · 13 Mar 2024

Price · 500

Microchip · 991003001757187

Tag · 33620

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