Corporate Sponsorship

Every contribution is incredibly appreciated as it helps us continue our work protecting and changing the lives of those who need us most.

Every donation, big or small, provides invaluable support to our furry and feathery friends.

2022 has been a challenge in itself. We have faced rising cost of living and interest rate increases amongst the struggle of returning to a post Covid world and workplace.

But like every year, we have been confronted with thousands of animals who desperately need our help, If not more so, as we saw many animals surrendered post-COVID.

AAPS has a proven reputation of putting care before costs and going above and beyond to provide them all the love and care they deserve.

As a community-based, not-for-profit charity that does not receive regular government funding, we rely upon donations, volunteers, and sponsorships to make our life-saving work possible. Sponsorships enable us to provide the best possible outcome for over one thousand animals every year, bringing joy to so many families looking for their new best friend.

As we commence 2023, we aim to expand our capacity to care for and treat larger numbers of animals. We want to be prepared for what lies ahead. To achieve this, we are calling on our passionate supporters and local businesses to help us by making a tax-deductible donation.

Partnering with AAPS is a unique opportunity to showcase your company values, promote corporate social responsibility, grow your brand, inspire your staff and make a meaningful difference to the lives of animals in need.

It is our responsibility and our mission to help these animals in any way that we can, and give them all the care and love they need.

The Effect of Sponsorship

More than 75% of our work is funded by generous donations. AAPS relies heavily on our community to help us rehabilitate and rehome animals in need.

Last year 1061 animals arrived at AAPS in need of care. Neglected, abandoned and abused – cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, even a rooster have received the love AAPS has to offer while awaiting their forever home.

In the AAPS dollar matching day in 2020, with corporate donation support, donations increased by an average of 65% compared to our other fundraisers.

Benefits for your business

Your employees will feel proud to be part of a team that is making a difference to the lives of those in need.

100% tax deductible.

Giving back to your community can help you build stronger relationships with your existing customers – and gain new ones.

Changing Lives Together

Sharing the stories of those we have helped in the past year


When Bertie came to AAPS, he was extremely unwell, severely malnourished, vomiting, and struggling to walk. Our vet team was quick to jump into action, and x-rays of Bertie’s abdomen showed that he had had previous surgery to fix a liver shunt. AAPS organised a second liver shunt surgery for Bertie, which was successful. Bertie is now living without pain and loving life, waking up each day with a wag of his tail, so excited to find his next adventure.


Blueberry and her kittens came to us as strays. During one of Blueberry’s routine vet checks, our vet noticed a small lump by her tail. Wondering what it was, the vet took a biopsy of the lump. While taking the biopsy, the vet pulled a bullet out of the lump. Blueberry had been shot during her life as a stray. Blueberry has since been adopted by a wonderful family and is enjoying her new life, being spoilt rotten in her calm new home.


Tinkerbell came into our care with a variety of health concerns, including brachycephalic restricted airway syndrome, which is common for her breed. AAPS paid over $4,000 for her surgery to improve her breathing and placed her in foster care as she was recovering. Tinkerbell made an incredible recovery while in foster care & has since been adopted by a lovely family with experience with brachycephalic breeds.


Cheska came into our shelter in an unfortunate condition, with severely sunburnt and cancerous ears, as well as a large mass near the base of her tail. AAPS quickly organised for Cheska to have the cancer on her ears and on her tail removed. Since surgery, she has made a full recovery and is living the life she deserves, receiving cuddles & kisses frequently by her adoptive parents.

Annual Sponsorship Levels

You can pay for your sponsorship by selecting one of the sponsorship levels below or by downloading the PDF via the button below & returning completed to

Your charitable support can inspire our community to also give to a cause close to their heart and bring about change in thousands of lives.

With giving, not only can you offer monetary support but be an inspirational voice for animal welfare.