Vet Clinic

General consultations to advanced dentistry

Our veterinary staff provide their patients with the highest level of care while operating out of their state-of-the-art vet clinic at AAPS’ Keysborough shelter.

Operating hours (subject to change): 

Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 5.30 PM
Sat & Sun: Closed

In case of emergency, please call so we can advise.

Please call our clinic on 9585 7936 to book an appointment


Our Vet Clinic is amazed with how many cats they’ve been able to desex thanks to their Community Cat Desexing Days; that they’re going out on a limb and making EVERY DAY COMMUNITY CAT DESEXING DAY!

If one undesexed kitten can lead to the birth of 20,000 kittens, imagine the difference our Community Cat Desexing Days have made for our community!

A desexed cat is a healthier and happier cat, call 9585 7936 to secure your cat’s desexing appointment sooner rather than later. Please note a $50 deposit is required on booking.

Thank you for making an important and considerate choice for your cat and the wider community.

Vet Clinic Services

Desexing, microchip & vaccination

Desexing, microchipping and vaccinating your pets are incredibly important parts of being a responsible owner. We offer affordable desexing for community pets. Pease call 9585 7936 for more information.

Home euthanasia – a peaceful & personalised goodbye service

Say goodbye to your best friend where you both feel the most comfortable, home. Avoid the stress of transporting your animal to the vet; let them pass peacefully at home. Service offered to homes within 10 km from AAPS Keysborough. Please call our experienced staff on 9585 7936 for further details.

Advanced dentistry

Equipped with advanced dental equipment, our clinic offers a wide range of dental services, from general consults and cleaning to full mouth restorations and dental surgery. Pease call 9585 7936 for more information.

Diagnostic imaging and internal pathology

Sick pets need a rapid diagnosis. This is why we have radiology, ultrasonography and in house blood testing services available at our clinic. Pease call 9585 7936 for more information.

Arthritis, weight and behaviour

Our clinicians have extensive experience with osteoarthritis, weight and behavioural problems and will be able to tailor a management regimen to the needs of your pet. Pease call 9585 7936 for more information.

Other services

Complementary adolescent consultations, parasite prevention and general consultations. Pease call 9585 7936 for more information.