Cooper & Winnie


Say hello to the sweet pair of Cooper and Winnie, who are seeking their forever companion. This dynamic duo, respectively 9 and 8 years old, are brimming with love and they’re eager to share it.

Winnie, an adorable German Shepherd crossed with a Husky, is a bit shy at the moment. But don’t fret! Given some time and care, her true loving nature shines through and she embraces every inch of her warm and fuzzy side. Her affectionate companion, Cooper, is a German Shepherd x Maremma Sheepdog, a gentle soul with a calm demeanor.

Cooper and Winnie are both intelligent and responsive, traits common to their breeds. If you’ve had experience with German Shepherds or Huskies, you’ll understand that these breeds are deeply loyal, full of personality, and make protective, loving friends.

For Cooper and Winnie to lead their happiest lives, they’d truly appreciate a home with no other animals.

Being older dogs, they would benefit from being in a household that understands the husky breed’s temperament and is aware of possible medical issues that can arise. If you can offer them a loving, comfortable environment, Cooper and Winnie will reciprocate with a world full of affection, loyalty, and love. These sweethearts will surely bring warmth and joy to their new home, and they can’t wait to meet their kind-hearted, forever human companion.

Age · 8 + 9

Gender · Male

Breed · German Shepherds x

Shelter arrival date · 7 Feb 2024


Microchip · 953010000210931 + 978102100269848

Tag · 33316 + 33601

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