Puppy Pre School

Next Course Start Date7 PM Monday March 18
LocationAAPS Keysborough Shelter

Do you want your new family member to have the very best possible start?

Underdog Trainers have trained thousands of puppies and new puppy owners.

You can rest assured that your puppy pre school will provide you with all the support and information you need to make puppy raising easier for you and your family.

Puppy Pre School Pricing

4 week course: $199/puppy


Puppies must have had their first vaccination to attend puppy classes. Please bring your puppy’s vaccination certificate to your first class.

We ask that each puppy have no more than two people in attendance with them. Although density limits are no longer in place, our puppy class venues are smaller in size and we are unable to fit multiple, large groups into these spaces. Exceptions can be made at some venues, and in classes that are not fully booked, please contact us if you are unable to attend without additional people.

Please wait for participants from any previous classes or veterinary clinic clients to leave before moving into the training area. We encourage you to arrive 5 minutes before your class start time and your Underdog trainer will direct you when it is clear to move inside the training area.

If you are unwell, please do NOT attend class. You will receive a video link to a previously recorded class for the relevant week you have missed if you miss one of your training classes. Please be aware that refunds or makeup classes are not available for Puppy Pre School classes due to venue size and puppy age requirements.

Puppies are to be on lead until directed by the instructor. Puppies MUST wear a flat buckle collar to training with a fixed length lead. Harnesses, headcollars, correction collars or extendable leads make some exercises more difficult for you and your puppy.

Please do not feed your puppy a meal immediately before their puppy classes. An empty stomach is best prior to a period of activity and treats will be utilised during class.

Please bring some very small, high value treats that your puppy loves, to use for motivation. We recommend Prime 100 roll from your local pet supply store OR Four Legs roll from the supermarket. The treats should be in a secure container or preferably a training pouch. Bring double the quantity you think you will need, its better to have too many than too little!!

Owners must always watch their puppy, particularly when socialising with other puppies in the group. Puppies are not to be bullied or chased when playing with others- your instructor will help you to teach your puppy how to interact politely with other puppies.

Please ensure you provide us with an up-to-date contact phone number and email address. If an Underdog staff member is unwell and we are unable to find a last-minute replacement, there may be rare occasions where your class is impacted. In this case we will use the phone number provided at the time of your booking, as well as your email address for any last-minute changes.

A copy of this information as well as your training booklet will be forwarded to you once we receive your booking. We strongly recommend you read these documents prior to your first class.