Puppy Pre School

Course Start Date7 PM Monday July 3rd
LocationAAPS Keysborough Shelter

Do you want your new family member to have the very best possible start?

Your puppy is currently in their ‘critical period’- the most important time in your pups life for socialisation and learning about the world. Did you know your pups brain will grow to 80% of its size during this time? Early socialisation allows you to get the very best out of your pups personality and combat any problems now so that they are not ongoing. Remember- your pup is highly unlikely to grow out of mouthing and chewing, toileting in the house etc- unless we teach them to! A dog who has had excellent socialisation and training experiences during this time will be a joy to live with and a pleasure to involve in family activities.

Underdog Trainers have trained thousands of puppies and new puppy owners. You can rest assured that your puppy pre school will provide you with all the support and information you need to make puppy raising easier for you and your family. All family members are encouraged to attend and participants are encouraged to communicate in between classes so all questions and issues can be addressed as soon as possible. 

Private puppy training is also available at a range of times to suit you. Private puppy training can give you a headstart or help you get on top of issues that require urgent attention. This can be of particular importance when you have young children and a puppy together.


Book a 1 Hour Private Training Session during any 4 week Group Training course (Puppy, Primary, Novice or Elementary) and receive a $50 discount off a full price session. *No other discounts apply, conditions apply.

Puppy Pre School
(4-week Course): $199/puppy