Meet the Shelter Team

Meet the team responsible for running our shelter, all of whom go above and beyond to ensure our animals’ stays are as comfortable as possible.

Office Staff

Megan, CEO

Before becoming General Manager then CEO, Megan served as a member of AAPS’ committee for over six years, four of which she completed as President. In 2020, Megan took up the role as General Manager and has since managed several vital projects, including two changes of addresses, and the establishment of our Veterinary Clinic and Grooming Salon.

Megan has two fur-children, Viva Darling, whom she adopted from AAPS as a puppy, and Barbara, a seven-year-old AAPS feline “foster fail”. Megan says she treasures her involvement with AAPS because she can help people in need who are struggling to care for their animals, and of course, the animals themselves.

Mandy, Animal Welfare Manager

Mandy, our Animal Welfare Manager, has over thirty-five years’ experience working in the Animal Welfare Industry. Mandy started volunteering with AAPS when she was thirteen and has worked with our organisation on and off since.

Mandy is our unofficial “Shelter Mum”, organising all our animals’ movements. She lives with her husband and children on her rural property, along with seven horses, one donkey, six dogs, and one cat. Mandy says AAPS is special to her because of what we stand for as an organisation in regards to animal welfare and that, unlike other organisations, we will do anything in our power to help an animal in need.

Mazz, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Mazz is a big animal lover which is evident in her qualifications in dog training, dog grooming and dog care.

For the last six years, Mazz has run her own dog grooming and dog training business. She also has over twenty-years corporate experience, working across many industries.

Mazz enjoys working for AAPS as she enjoys seeing animals in need find their fur-ever homes.

Mazz has two fur children, Tommy the American Staffy & Roxy the English Staffy.

Jamie, Volunteer Manager

Coming from a diverse hospitality background, in 2016 Jamie knew he needed to follow his passion and start his career within the Animal Welfare Industry. Gaining his Certificate lll in animal studies while volunteering for almost a year, Jamie was lucky enough to obtain his first position within the industry as an Animal Attendant at Animal Aid, and shortly after he held employment at AAPS and managed the two side-by-side. Fast forward to 2020 and Jamie’s role evolved to Customer Service Officer and Volunteer Coordinator at AAPS. Jamie says he loves what he does and working within an industry that truly makes a difference. 

In his spare time Jamie loves cooking with vegan recipes, traveling and of course spending time with his furkids. 

Charlie, Admin & Facilities Officer

Charlie has a degree in Journalism and International Relations. Charlie started out at AAPS in the fundraising and social media departments, and after two bouts of maternity leave, came back as Admin and Facilities Officer.

Charlie is an “all rounder”, providing support to staff across many different departments while ensuring the building is still standing at the end of the day. Charlie has fostered and housed over fifty cats and dogs during her time with our shelter. Charlie’s cat Moët is an AAPS “foster fail”.

Tiff, Fundraising & Events Coordinator

Having worked in the corporate hospitality and events sector for nearly twenty years, Tiff considered working with AAPS a fantastic opportunity to support a worthwhile cause. Tiff’s previous job allowed her to develop strong connections withing the Greater Dandenong area which brought the opportunity to expand AAAPS’ network and engage more with not only the local community but also the business community.

Tiff has over 20 years’ experience ranging from corporate hospitality, venue and event management and business support services. Tiff is also a small business owner, selling hand-crafted wooden creations. Tiff loves the diversity offered with AAPS, and she considers working with animals a wonderful bonus. “At AAPS you can directly see how your work and effort is benefiting the organisation.,” Tiff said. Tiff has a ten-year-old rescue tabby cat named Honey whom she adopted from AAPS, and a five-year-old whippet named Minnie.

Enya, Marketing Coordinator

Before AAPS, Enya worked as a Marketing Coordinator for a number of socially responsible companies, including a not-for-profit. Enya has a few degrees under her belt, including a Bachelor of Media & Communications and a Diploma in Marketing, and is currently completing a Master of Digital Marketing in her spare time.

Enya is mum to two greyhounds whom she adopted, Red & Gracie, and Darwin, a blue tongue lizard who she co-parents with her mum.

Enya loves animals, so she considers working with AAPS a privilege.

Georgie, Finance

Georgie has over thirty years’ experience as a bookkeeper and holds a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping.

Georgie adores animals and this is demonstrated by the number of animals residing in her house, the majority of which were adopted from AAPS. Georgie cares for two dogs, a Border Collie X Kelpie named Oscar and Scarlet a Kelpie, two cats Blossom and Ernie, two parrots, Midori & Sunny, and a tribe of Silkie Chickens.

Georgie says she enjoys working at AAPS because she can provide love to animals in need while she’s bookkeeping.

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