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Our animal health care team are passionate about providing the best care for your pet and will offer education and advice to ensure your pet has the longest, happiest and healthiest life possible. We offer a broad range of clinical services and surgeries to an array of animal species. Whether it is a standard check-up or an unexpected emergency, our team is equipped to provide the best possible treatment for your pet.


Dr Moraya Garrett, Head Veterinarian

Dr Moraya Garrett graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2016 with first class honours. Originally from Melbourne, she initially worked in Newcastle in small animal emergency and critical care. Moraya made the move home and to the AAPS in 2019 and became our head veterinarian in 2020.  Moraya brings a broad range of experience developed from her time in emergency and critical care, with a keen interest in ultrasonography and internal medicine.  In her spare time, she enjoys baking (especially the eating part) and running, and spending time with family, including her 3-legged dog (Link, adopted from the AAPS), 2-year-old daughter and husband.  

Dr. Suruchi Perera

Dr Suruchi graduated from Melbourne University in 2015 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She spent the first three years in general practice and emergency and moved to shelter work in 2018, developing a passion for improving standards of medicine and surgery for shelter patients.  Her special areas of interest include small animal dentistry and oral surgery, feline medicine and surgery. Dr Suruchi is a member of MANZCVS: Small Animal Dentistry Oral Surgery. Dr Suruchi enjoys improving the quality of lives of her patients, helping them enjoy living a comfortable and pain free life. In her spare time, Dr Suruchi studies dentistry and other further veterinary education, gardening, yoga and catching up with friends and family.  Her motto – Saving the world, one mouth at a time! 

Dr. Ann Enright

After graduating from Murdoch University in 2008, Ann worked in private practice and shelters in Australia and the UK.  Whilst working at a shelter with an annual intake of 8,000 cats/kittens Ann became hooked on shelter medicine. Being able to make a difference to abandoned and unwanted animals ignited her passion for shelter medicine and change. Some of her favourite achievements are assisting shelters improve operations and welfare outcomes with amazing financial results, establishing three community veterinary clinics and co-founding Special Interest Groups as a shelter operations and networking resource. Determined to make a difference for shelter animals, Ann completed a Graduate Certificate, Fellowship and more recently a Master’s in Shelter Medicine with the University of Florida. Currently she is developing a pilot programme with international colleagues identifying shelter intake diversion strategies to improve animal welfare outcomes in Australia. Animal welfare and Shelter Medicine in Australia is ripe for change. 

Dr. Juliana Xue

Dr Juliana graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2018 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree. Juliana started working as a shelter and emergency veterinarian since she has graduated. Juliana has always had a strong passion towards shelter medicine, animal behaviour and animal welfare. She started her Master’s in Shelter Medicine with the University of Florida in 2020, and she would be finishing from her degree in August 2022. Juliana has the goals of improving animal welfare during their stays in shelter and shortening the length-of-stay for shelter animals. Infectious disease control, behaviour problems and promoting animal-human bond are also some of her main focuses in shelter medicine. Juliana is hoping to pursue her specialty in shelter medicine by 2024. Juliana enjoys playing ice hockey and spend time with her family and friends in her spare time. 

Dr. Samantha Lo

Dr. Sam graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2021, where she developed a keen interest in animal welfare and shelter medicine. After graduation, she completed a rotating internship at a specialist hospital in Queensland. During her time there, she developed skills in managing various critical cases, such as tick paralysis, cycad toxicities, and renal failure. Returning to Melbourne, she became an emergency veterinarian and a general practice clinician. Her areas of interest include internal medicine and diagnostic imaging. In her spare time, she is an independent writer, enjoys singing, playing her ukulele and visual arts. She hopes to improve a three-way pet-owner-vet relationship through her writing one day. 

Vet Nurses

Lisa Peck

Lisa is a vet nurse who joined the AAPS in December 2020. She left the tourism industry to follow her love for animals and has enjoyed being a nurse for the last 3 years. She graduated her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2019. Her passion is animal rescue and rehabilitation. In the past, Lisa volunteered multiple times overseas including working with injured wild life such as sloths and monkeys in Costa Rica and joining a spey/neuter clinic in Myanmar. She wishes to join more overseas projects in the future helping with the street animal issues in developing countries. She also hopes to study canine remedial massage in the near future. Outside of work, Lisa shares her home with her partner and their giraffe sized greyhound named Peter, whose crazy antics create much enjoyment to the team. She loves travelling, hiking and experimenting with different vegan recipes.

Ella Watt

Ella has been working alongside animals since she was 15, starting off her animal career as a farm hand. She found this work rewarding and soon decided vet nursing was the ideal pathway to make a direct positive impact on animal welfare. Once finishing her bachelors degree in veterinary nursing at Latrobe University, she jumped straight into working at AAPS. Where since starting, her confidence in her nursing skills has grown tremendously, and she has shown a particular passion for wildlife conservation, behaviour cases and our shelter exotics. Some of her most rewarding achievements include running a school farm at age 19, where she improved and maintained high quality care for over 100 animals, including a flock of sheep, some feathered friends and a few rabbits and Guinea pigs. In the future, Ella ‘s goal is to work alongside the weird and wonderful, from exotic animals, zoo animals and especially Australian wildlife. However her underlying goal is to educate herself and others to encourage quality and TLC for all animals.

Christine Molyneaux

I have always had a strong passion for animals welfare in my life, and have dedicated over 17 years in the animal industry and still love it! In the the last few years I became a vet nurse and find my job the most rewarding role, to care for the sick and animals in need. It’s also a plus when you get cuddles from all the animals. In my spare time I’m looking after my family and fur children, and enjoy foster caring for cats and kittens.

Samantha Moile

Sam’s passion for animals commenced as a small child, with her often caring for injured or juvenile birds. Sam has owned horses and previously worked with racehorses, assisting Equine Vets in performing minor surgical procedures. She has owned birds (budgerigars, zebra finches, and canaries), is experienced in owning aquatic aquariums (both cold and tropical), and has owned a pair of frilled neck lizards. Sam now owns pedigree ANKC registered show dogs and has succeeded in conformation showing both in Victoria and interstate. Sam followed her lifelong passion for animals and completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies and Certificate IV In Veterinary Nursing at BoxHill University. Her interests include animal nutrition, neonate care, and Australian native Fauna.


Dej Anderwald

Dej is the AAPS Vet Clinic’s Reception Co-ordinator who also runs our social media. Dej has been in the animal industry since 2014 during which she has been an animal attendant and nurse. With a keen interest in cats and reptiles, she loves building relationships with fur parents of all kinds and seeing them through their treatments. She is always up for a chat about her almost toothless cat Lentil or cheeky Sheltie Oliver Bernard.

Eve Hemsley

I have been involved in animal welfare since leaving school, volunteering, fostering and working in the industry for 10 years now. I have a huge passion for welfare of all animals but have a great love for the most vulnerable animals needing our care at AAPS, neonatal kittens and senior dogs are where I find my greatest fulfillment. You will often find me at reception with a newborn kitten on the desk or little doggo at foot needing company. In 2011 I completed my cert 2 in Animal Studies & in 2014 I did my cert 4 in cert in vet nursing (reception skill set) which led me to a wonderful nursing career, after having my son and being home with him during most of the pandemic I decided to look into something different in the animal welfare world and luckily came into this role at AAPS that I love! I enjoy my time outside of AAPS with my little family that includes TWO little chihuahuas & two cats.

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