By donating to AAPS this end of financial year, you will be providing a second chance to animals who would have otherwise been given up on

WE ARE CLOSED FOR SURRENDERS. We are a charity struggling to take in & care for the high volume of animals currently being surrendered & must work within our capacity to care in the name of animal welfare.

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Our hoodies & tees come in a number of fab colours (our staff are digging the olive green) and with our “I Make a Difference” logo on their front and back.

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Animals for Adoption

The AAPS are committed to finding not just any home, but the perfect forever homes for the animals at the animal shelter.

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Struggling to care for your pet?

If for whatever reason you are struggling to care for your pet, please call AAPS on 9798 8415 to talk to one of our friendly staff members. We are here to provide advice or assistance in any way we can.

About AAPS

After 50 years, our shelter continues to care for and nurture animals, aiming to return as many as possible to their owners or to find their new fur-ever homes. Although most animals in our  care are dogs, cats, and rabbits, the shelter accepts all animals in need, including native animals, farm animals, birds, ferrets, and other domesticated animals.

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