About us

After 50 years, the AAPS shelter continues to care for and nurture animals and aims to return as many as possible to their owners or to find them new fur-ever homes. Although most animals in our care are dogs, cats and rabbits, we accept ALL animals in need. Including native animals, farm animals, birds, ferrets, and other domesticated animals.

Grooming at AAPS

Put a donation tin out in your community!

AAPS is looking for businesses who might be willing to place a donation tin at the counter, at reception, in a staff room or at your local sporting club. Donations help cover the cost to house, feed, care for and rehome thousands of animals in need that come into the care of the AAPS, and together, we build a better and brighter future for each and every one. If you would be willing to take on a tin, please email media@aaps.org.au to arrange for delivery.

Animals for Adoption

The AAPS are committed to finding not just any home, but the perfect forever homes for the animals at the animal shelter.

Adoption Process

Looking to help out? There are many ways to help out with our cause. Even the smallest commitment can help.

Ways you can help

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