Are you looking for a feline companion who’s as stunning as she is unique?

Look no further than Myka, the captivating tabby lady seeking her forever home.

Myka may appear a bit reserved at first, but it’s simply because she takes some time to adjust to new environments. Therefore, she’ll require a safe and quiet space where she can gradually acclimate to her surroundings. With a little patience and gentle encouragement, Myka is sure to blossom into a loving and affectionate companion.

It’s essential to note that Myka can be sensitive to handling and may have a short fuse in certain situations. As such, she would thrive best in a calm and tranquil adult-only household.

As an indoor-only cat, Myka is content to explore the comforts of home without venturing outdoors. This also ensures her safety and well-being, allowing her to live her best life within the confines of her loving home.

Myka prefers to be the sole focus of attention, so she would thrive as the only pet in the household. With undivided love and affection, Myka will shower her owner with loyalty and companionship like no other.

Age · 2 years

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Shelter arrival date · 18 Mar 2024

Price · $75

Microchip · 953010005616067

Tag · 615954

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