Mr Wiggles & Maggie

Woof! I’m Mr. Wiggles, and this is Maggie, my best friend.

Life took an unexpected turn, and we ended up in the shelter, but it wasn’t because of anything we did wrong. We’ve been lucky to spend some time in foster care, where we got really attached to our foster parents. We showed them just how much love we have to give!

Despite our small size, we’ve got big personalities. Meeting new people makes us so happy, and we love snuggling up for pets and cuddles. What we really want is to find a forever home where we can form a strong bond with our new family.Having someone home a lot with us would be perfect, we get very worried when our favorite people are missing.

We do have some health issues that need regular attention, so we can’t do a lot of running around right now. A gentle stroll is just perfect for us. We’d love a home where we can be inside most of the time and where we’re the only pets.

Being seniors in the shelter isn’t easy. We really want a place to call our own—a loving home where we can spend our days being cherished and cared for. We still have so much love to give, and we hope to find that special family soon.

Age · 8 Years + 9 Years

Gender · Male and Female

Breed · French Bulldog + Pug X Griffon

Shelter arrival date · 26 May 2024

Microchip · 956000010217913 + 982000363420478

Tag · 33563 + 33562

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