Meet Leo, a sweet-as-pie senior dog who embodies the very essence of the word ‘gentleman.’ Though he’s a bit older, his heart is full of love, and he’s more than ready to share it with those around him.

Leo is, admittedly, a bit arthritic; but his spirit is still youthful, and his love for life is contagious. His condition doesn’t diminish his charm but rather adds an endearing little shuffle to his gait. He appreciates quiet and calm surroundings and would prefer a home with older, respectful children who understand how to interact gently with a senior dog.

Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you; though he might be a bit timid when you first meet, he warms up quickly once he realises he’s in the presence of friends. Leo’s love for food is equal parts charming and hilarious. Similar to how we humans can’t resist our favourite dessert, Leo goes a bit googly-eyed at the sight of his preferred treats.

Our loving gentleman is in his latter years, but that doesn’t depict the whole story – because, for Leo, age is just a number. His appetite for loving connection hasn’t aged a day. Adorned with a charming persona and a heart filled with love, Leo is destined to make your family complete. All he needs is a peaceful household to call his own. As you share moments, meals, and lots of cuddles, you’ll understand why Leo is indeed the sweetheart of a gentleman we’ve been raving about.

Age · 12 Years

Gender · Male

Breed · Beagle

Shelter arrival date · 3 Jul 2024

Microchip · 956000016562622

Tag · 33544

Status · Foster- To - Adopt

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