Introducing Harvey, our sweet and confident ragdoll fellow!

Harvey is not just strikingly handsome, he’s also an incredibly loving companion who is sure to warm every corner of your house – and your heart.

Living up to his Ragdoll breed’s reputation, Harvey’s gorgeous fluffy coat and brilliant blue eyes are paired with an affectionate, calm, and sociable nature. He has lived peacefully with a friendly cat before and is likely to do so again if introduced properly.

Harvey has been diagnosed with diabetes, a condition well-managed with proper care. He will need insulin administered twice daily. Managing his condition will require a cat-savvy home that is experienced with medical needs, but Harvey is one companion who is worth every bit of extra care.

Given his health condition, Harvey prefers a household where someone is around more often than not. He truly enjoys the companionship and the comfort of having his people nearby. Besides his health needs, Harvey is a low-maintenance companion, happy to lounge around the house and keep you company on a quiet afternoon.

As an indoor-only cat, Harvey would sincerely appreciate a home providing ample room for exploration and cozy nap nooks. His perfect day would include a lot of love, a few lazy naps.

If you’re looking for a loving, relaxed, yet confident companion with a little extra sparkle, consider opening your heart and home to Harvey. He may have some extra needs, but the love and loyalty he gives back are priceless.

Age · 10 Years

Gender · Male

Breed · Ragdoll

Shelter arrival date · 20 Apr 2024

Price · $150

Microchip · 982000191016392

Tag · 616057

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