Jimmy is a glorious big handsome man with a cheeky attitude. He has such a delightful personality that always keeps you entertained, but due to his cheekiness and intelligent little brain, he will need cat-savvy parents and an adult-only family. He loves a pat and will give you some great head-butts, and will definitely be one to explore the house and walk around like he owns the joint!

Jimmy will need an indoor only home, as he will roam and potentially wander into other people’s houses or places he shouldn’t be if he has the chance. He is just an adventurer, but this can get him into quite a bit of trouble. As he does enjoy the outdoors, an enclosed catio or cat run would be ideal for him, to give him a taste of the outdoors.

Jimmy would prefer no other furry friends in his house, as he would like to be the one and only king of he castle. He believes humans are there to adore and worship him, feed him and pamper him … but he will give you a whole lot of love in return.

Tag · 614243

Age · 1 year

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Status · Expressions of interest

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