Boo and Bowie

Boo and Bowie are the absolute epitome of a bonded pair of cats!
They are best friends and are IN LOVE with each other
Every day we find them snuggling, playing, grooming, wrestling, sleeping, and watching the world out the window together.
They are extra special boys who have lived the start of their lives on the street and have now learned the love of people and the comfort of the indoors
Boo has become a very friendly and outgoing man, once he has settled.
Bowie is a bit more nervous and will take longer to show his affectionate side. It is there, but he is waiting for his perfect forever people to really bring it out.
We are sure they will both bond with their forever people and be amazing family members.
Watching them love each other is the most heartwarming thing you’ll ever see.
These wonderful boys need to be indoor only and it is extremely important that they are confined to one room initially and slowly graduate to more space in the house as they will be very easily overwhelmed.

Tag · 614060 + 614056

Age · 1 year 4 months

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000014665899 + 956000014825286

Status · Available

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