Hello, my name is Angelina, and I’m a sweet indoor cat with a heart as soft as my fluffy fur. I may start off a bit shy in new environments, but once I feel comfortable, I reveal my affectionate and gentle nature.

I’m looking for a calm and gentle home where I can feel safe and secure. An adult-only household would suit me best, as I thrive in peaceful surroundings where I can relax and explore at my own pace.

Since I haven’t had the opportunity to interact with other animals, I’m uncertain how I would feel about sharing my space. It might take some time for me to adjust, so I’m hoping to find a patient owner who understands my needs.

In my downtime, you’ll often find me curled up in cozy spots, basking in sunlight, or enjoying quiet moments of reflection. I adore gentle chin scratches and appreciate being groomed to maintain my luxurious coat.

If you’re seeking a gentle and loving companion to bring warmth and tranquility into your home, I would be thrilled to meet you. Let’s create a peaceful sanctuary together, filled with love, understanding, and cherished moments.

Age · 1 Year 2 Months

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Shelter arrival date · 5 Apr 2024

Price · $150

Microchip · 956000016586780

Tag · 616010

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