Workplace Wellness Visits

We are delighted to be offering tailored Workplace Wellbeing Visits that provide a terrific experience for your employees and our shelter animals alike.

Our newly created Workplace Wellness Visits involve bringing our beautiful shelter animals to your premises to interact with your staff and provide enrichment for everyone – animals and humans alike!

The visits are FREE for your business and typically around 45 minutes in length. Our shelter team will select animals who are suitable to your environment, and who will love meeting new people.

As part of our visit, we can deliver a brief presentation to give an overview of AAPS outlining the role we play as a not-for-profit charitable organisation with a mission to help animals anyway we can. And we are on hand to answer any questions your team may have.

Through our Workplace Wellness Visits we aim to deliver to your staff a day to remember!

A visit from the shelter team and some of our current residents is sure to provide stress relief and provoke many smiles and memories.

The benefits

  • Did you know that in a matter of minutes, petting a dog decreases cortisol levels and increases oxytocin? That translates to less stress and anxiety and an improved mood.
  • Decreasing stress and increasing employee engagement is a consideration for all businesses with impact having a direct link to employee retention and morale.
  • Our visits also include our animal experts being available to provide information and advice on pet related topics.
  • The animals love it!