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The period of time between 3rd puppy/kitten vaccination and their annual booster often requires no vet visit if you’re lucky! However, this means that often when your pet returns to us for their desexing or if unwell as an adult that the vet clinic can be very daunting.

This is why we offer complementary nurse consults for those ‘adolescent’ months, to assist with socialising and exposure to the vet when they are not unwell and no scary procedures. Please call our friendly team to book.


Pets need to be protected against external and internal parasites. External parasites consist of fleas and ticks while internal parasites include various intestinal worms, lungworms and heartworms.

There are a range of products out there but they all have their limitations and coming up with the right combination that covers all parasites for your pet based on their specific living situation can be a challenge. Our staff can help make this selection for you. If you require advise regarding parasite prevention please call us and we would be happy to help.


Our veterinarians will carry out a general physical examination of your pet to establish its overall health. Regular health checks give pets and their owners the best chance of preventing, detecting and treating any possible illnesses, both immediately and in the future.

During this visit, your veterinarian will carry out a thorough physical examination to check for any pre-existing or developing conditions. We’ll also discuss any concerns you may have about your pet.

  • General Consult: $79

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