Lost and Found

Missing your furry friend?

Losing a pet is distressing for you and your family, and for your pet. With this in mind, we have provided you with some useful information that will enable you to begin your search as soon as possible.

AAPS Lost & Found Facebook page

Who to Contact Immediately?

Your local council

Call your local council and your nearest shelter to inform them of your missing pet and leave your contact number and your pets microchip number with them.

Vet Clinics & Animal Shelters

Call your local vets and animal shelters and inform them that your pet is missing. Leave your name and contact phone number and describe your pet to them. (i.e. its breed, age, colour, name and where it was last sighted).

Your Pets Adoption Centre

Contact the rescue organisation you adopted your rescue pet from, if applicable. Inform them that your pet has gone missing and to contact you if they are contacted by a vet or council.

What else can you do?

Facebook Post’s

Use social media networks to help you find your pet. Use Facebook groups in your local area. Most areas have a ‘Lost Pets’ Facebook Group (we have one- AAPS Lost & Found Pets | Facebook) and they are often very helpful and successful at relocating lost pets.

Make posters

Make up posters of your missing pet and stick them up in your local area, e.g. parks, coffee shops, shopping centres, local vets and on light posts. Ensure you put a current photo of your pet on the flyer, your mobile number, your pets name and where it was last seen.

Rally the troops

Ask your friends and family to help you start a search for your pet. The first 24 hours are very important and you have the best chance of finding your pet in this time. The more people that know, the more eyes can be out there helping to look for your pet.

Microchip your pets!

Not only is it, by law, mandatory that all pets are microchipped ,but it is so important that your pet is microchipped, even if you believe they will never wander out of your sight. We want to see every lost pet reunited with their loved ones, but this is much harder to achieve when they are not microchipped. It is a small price to pay for returning your precious pet home to you in the event they go missing.

Every animal that is found and taken to a shelter or pound will be scanned for a microchip. If your details are correct, this will result in a speedy return home. If your details are incorrect, your pet may never find their way back home. If you are unsure which database your animal’s microchip is registered with, visit www.petaddress.com.au where you can enter in the microchip number and the site will tell you which database the microchip is registered to.