Ziggy enjoys spending time with people and we think he would be particularly happy with someone working from home/ home more often than not. He loves to have all of your attention and will soak up all the love and pats he can get!

Ziggy does not like other cats and would be best as an only pet of the house. He has a history of being bullied by other cats, and is quite uneasy around them now.

Ziggy is quite the active young man, with plenty of beans still left in him at the age of 7!
He likes to zoom around, play and climb. He is also very affectionate and smoochy, but he does like to give little love-bites/nibbles, so be wary.

Ziggy is FIV positive and he is also prone to wandering off if let outdoors, so he needs a strictly indoor only home, potentially with an enclosed cat run to give him a taste of the outdoors, without risking him escaping and becoming lost!

Ziggy is such a loving gentleman, but he doesn’t cope well under stress and would like his new home to provide a relaxing environment with no young children or other pets. He is sure to be a big lap cat that will steal your heart in no time.

Tag · 614099

Age · 7 years 1 month

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000004430391

Status · Available

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