Look out world – Tofu is here, and he’s ready to melt the hearts of staffy lovers everywhere!

This totally gorgeous young man is your classic staffy – boisterous, super affectionate, human obsessed, (no self-control… lol!) – he loves being around his humans and he would be glued to your side if he could!

He is such a young boy with his whole life ahead of him, and although he still has a lot to learn, he is already showing signs of being a very smart boy who learns very quickly! Just like most staffies, he is super food motivated which makes training sessions a breeze. He already knows how to sit and drop and is learning new things every day.

He had limited socialisation in his previous home, which means he can be a little conflicted when meeting new dogs. He is a super excitable boy who gets a little overwhelmed when he meets dogs on a walk or when they walk past his pen, and he is still learning how to greet dogs calmly and how to use good manners. He will need to be the only dog in his forever home at this stage for this reason, with owners who are committed to continued socialisation in relaxed environments to build his confidence. He will need his owners to use plenty of tasty treats and lots of praise when he does the right thing.

Because he can be a bit on the boisterous side, he would be best suited to a home with teenage kids who are staffy-savvy! He would ideally love a home where his humans could be home with him more often than not, but we know people can’t feasibly be home all the time, so as long as his family are willing to settle him into their routine and understand it may take him a while to adjust, he will be just fine!

He is a total beauty of a dog, and he just needs that special staffy loving family to find him and treat him like he deserves.

Tag · 33062

Age · 9 months

Gender · Male

Breed · American Staffy x

Microchip · 956000013293949

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