Toffee, Pixie and Lulu

Match-made-in-heaven trio, Toffee, Pixie and Lulu and hoping they can find a forever home happy take take them all in, so they can play, eat and grow together for many years to come.

They are all fairly confident piggies who love having space to explore. These girls have some stunning long coats that will need a little bit of maintenance to keep them feeling fresh. They would love a spacious indoor home. They may be okay to have a male piggy friend but will need to meet them for a piggy date, but the three of them are also more than enough piggy company to keep them busy. They would be suitable with piggy savvy children.

Tag · 614090 + 614092 + 614091

Age · 1 year

Gender · Female

Breed · Sheltie, Sheltie & Texel

Status · Available

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