Tinkerbell and Doug


Tinkerbell and Doug are a super special pair of pups looking for a foster OR a foster-to-adopt home who is dedicated to helping them become the happy, healthy doggies they deserve to be.

These guys are just SO sweet, incredibly friendly, happy go-lucky pups with a contagious zest for life! Their excitability may frighten young children (even though they mean no harm!) so it is best that Tink and Doug live in a home with older children or with adults only.

As absolutely adorable squishy faced dogs are, they do come with a variety of extra health concerns and potential future medical issues – so it is vitally important that their foster carers/potential family are familiar with the health risks involved with brachycephalic breeds.

Our vet staff are still in the process of developing an ongoing treatment plan for both Tinkerbell and Doug’s skin allergies, dental disease and early onset arthritis. It is also possible both pups will need further soft palette surgical intervention depending on what our vets determine from their testing and scans. Their home would need to live a reasonable travel distance from out clinic and be committed to transporting them to and from all future vet appointments until they are eventually medically cleared for adoption.

Tinkerbell especially becomes over-exerted incredibly easily, and would be at significant risk of heat-stroke and respiratory distress if her family were not vigilant during the warmer months.

Tink and Doug have never lived with other four legged friends, so they would much prefer to be the only pets in their forever home. They are very bonded, however they can get a little snippy with each other around feeding time, so their family would need to commit to feeding them separately to avoid any food resource-guarding issues developing.

Tag · 33900 & 33899

Age · 4 & 7

Gender · Male and Female

Breed · British Bulldog & French Bulldog Mix

Microchip · 956000005890133 & 956000006237958

Status · Expressions of Interest

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