Oh how we looove a grumpy cat!

Tilly our Gorgeous Grumpy face senior lady is searching for her happily ever after. She is ready to find her palace and sit atop her throne while her loyal peasants worship her every move and graciously comply to every demand!

Tilly has some rules for her new kingdom:
No children – she doesn’t care for them.
No cats – they are beneath her!!!

Most of all, Tilly needs someone who will show her the unconditional love she deserves. Tilly came to us after she lost her most special person who she loved dearly, and it may take her a while before she learns to trust and bond deeply with a new person. Once she does, though, she promises your patience will be worthwhile.

Behind that grumpy exterior lies a sweet, loving, beautiful soul who will bring a lifetime of happiness to the right person.

Tag · 614368

Age · 11 years 7 months

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 978102100004662

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