Tia and Tigga

Is your heart big enough for two?

Tia and Tigga (AKA Tig) are a simply beautiful senior pair of sweethearts (a mother and son duo!) that are currently in foster care decompressing, but are still searching for a safe and loving forever home.

They started off quite stressed and shy, but over the past month in care they have both learned to love life again and enjoy all the pats and cuddles they can get. They have become total ‘lap cats’ and will flop over in front of you to ask for pats and rubs. They truly are the sweetest kitties and have never shown ever sign of aggression or being overstimulated. They are extremely cool and calm cats just wanting a forever home where their owners can give them all the love they deserve!

Tig and Tig may be suited to a home with small breed dogs who are well trained around cats and will not chase them or be aggressive towards them. They would also go well in a home with calm and quiet kids. Initially they will start off being scared and stressed from being in a new environment but if they are given some patience and time to settle, then they will start to show their true colours and become the most gentlest and loving cats you’ll ever meet. 

If you think you can be the superhero that Tia and Tig need, please apply below.

Tag · 614811 + 614810

Age · 14 years & 13 years

Gender · Male and Female

Breed · DLH

Microchip · 956000008374653 + 956000008419985

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