A precious ray of sunshine to brighten up your world!

Sunray, a gentle feline soul seeking a loving forever home! At first glance, Sunray may seem a bit shy, but underneath that initial reserve lies a heart full of warmth and affection. With patience and understanding, you’ll discover Sunray’s true nature—a friendly and loving companion eager to share cuddles and playtime.

Sunray thrives in a calm environment, where she can take her time to adjust and feel secure. While new surroundings may initially cause her some stress, her adaptable spirit shines through once she feels settled. To help her transition smoothly, Sunray would benefit from an adult-only home, where she can feel relaxed and at ease.

One thing that brings Sunray immense joy is the company of other cats. Having a confidant feline friend by her side helps her feel more confident and reassured. Sunray would be happiest in a home where she can share her days with another cat who understands her sensitive nature.

Age · 19 weeks

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Shelter arrival date · 2 Apr 2024

Price · $250

Microchip · 956000016659946

Tag · 616002

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