Introducing Seven, a sweet senior lady who embodies wisdom and warmth. Indoor living is her specialty, where she enjoys the simple pleasures of a gentle pat and sitting quietly beside her favorite people.

While Seven may show a bit of grumpiness at the vet’s office (who wouldn’t?), at home she’s a gentle soul who craves companionship and a peaceful environment. She’s looking for an adult-only home where she can relax and enjoy the company of her humans without the hustle and bustle of younger household members.

Seven would thrive as the only pet, as she prefers to soak up all the attention and love for herself. With her years of experience, she’s mastered the art of being a loyal and loving companion, ready to share her golden years with a family who values her gentle spirit.

If you’re seeking a calm and loving companion to brighten your days and share quiet moments together, Seven would love to be your new best friend.

Age · 15 Years

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Shelter arrival date · 4 Jun 2024

Price · $150

Tag · 616199

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