Robb and Sansa


Meet Robb and Sansa, Robb is the grey and white darling with the sweet and friendly face. Robb can be quite shy at first, so he’ll likely need a little time to warm up to his new family. He enjoys the company of someone he trusts and can be quite affectionate when he is comfortable. Robb’s favourite things to do are playing with toys and exploring new spaces with his sister Sansa. Without Sansa he loses his confidence and hides away.

Sansa is the beautiful dark tabby. Compared to Robb, Sansa is quite confident and even a little sassy (in the best way). This kitty loves playing with Robb and her toys. A big fan of pats and scratches, Sansa loves human company. Sansa knows her worth and will happily tell you if she feels like she isn’t getting the attention she wants.

Tag · 614199 & 614197

Age · 3 months

Microchip · 956000014719797 & 956000014856799

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