Big fluffy ginger in need of purrfect home.

Ricko is an incredibly affectionate floofball who can suffer from anxiety in new situations. For this reason, Ricko says he’d like a parent who loves him for more than just his stunning looks and is willing to be patient with him when he becomes overwhelmed.

Ricko says no thanks to being picked up but will happily share your lap in his forever home. This handsome ginger is happy to socialise with other cats and would be content living with other four-legged housemates.

Ricko is an indoor-only cat as he could become anxious and get lost outside. Ricko’s adopter will also need to be willing to take him to the vet semi-regularly to get his teeth looked at.

Tag · 614268

Age · 1 year

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000011394868

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