Popeye & Bluto

“Shiver me timbers!” “Ahoy!”

Popeye and Bluto are two tough cookies – (well at least they were when they came into our care a few weeks ago!) As they started their lives as strays, these little munchkins weren’t all that convinced that humans could be kind and were determined to scare our staff away with their adorably fearsome hisses and sharp mittens!

After spending some time in foster care, however, these two cuties have learned just how awesome humans can be and will turn into little purr machines pretty quickly once they get to know you. They can sometimes be a teeny bit hissy on initial approach, but they are all talk!

They are confident and curious with lots of love to give. They’ve told staff they’d prefer to stay inside where it’s safe as they hear the big wide world is a scary place for babies like them. They’ve also mentioned they’d like their future home to be ideally free of children as they do not want to have to compete for attention.

They’re both lovers of tasty snacks and playtime and would be happy to be live with a relaxed cat housemate.

Tag · 614715 + 614713

Age · 10 weeks

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000016560571 + 956000016553089

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