Expressions Of Interest

Beautiful Phoebe came to AAPS from a dog breeding establishment and is still learning all there is to know about the big, wide world around her.

Being such a young, playful pup – Phoebe is looking for a very special and experienced home who understand the commitment required to raise a working-breed dog.

She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and we know that she is going to attract a LOT of attention… but Phoebe needs a home who understands that she will be a high-maintenance pup, not a fashion statement!

Border Collies require LOT of effort and time dedicated to their care and wellbeing, and a bored/under stimulated dog can become destructive/develop behaviour issues – so it is important that any potential adopters thoroughly consider if they can provide the right kind of lifestyle for Phoebe before applying.

She will require lots of training, plenty of daily exercise, a big commitment to socialisation with other dogs, people, places and things, and will need her luscious long coat maintained and groomed regularly.

Phoebe seems to be quite friendly with other dogs, so she may be happy to share her home with another well-socialised doggy sibling of a similar breed who can help show her the ropes!

She has not had the opportunity to meet young children yet, so we believe she would be happier living with teenage kids or in an adult only home at this stage.

Phoebe would love an active family who will take her on plenty of adventures and include her in their daily activities. She is such a young, happy pup with her whole life ahead of her – She can’t wait to find a home that will give her all the patience, love, care, commitment and attention she deserves.

Tag · 32892

Age · 7 months

Gender · Female

Breed · Border Collie

Microchip · 941000026718502

Status · Expressions of interest

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