Pete is a very quirky little man.

Although of course we aren’t supposed to choose favourites, sweet little Pete has touched the hearts of our staff here. We think he’s the BEST!

He is a super special boy with some funky eye issues that we think make him EXTRA cute!
Once he looks at you with his sweet loving eyes, you will see that they don’t quite look ‘normal’ and are a little cloudy and often a bit shaky.

He’s become besties with the specialist eye doctors who have been keeping close watch on Pete to figure out what makes him so special, and it was determined that his initial eye condition was likely an unfortunate side effect of a severe ear infection that he presented with when he first came into our care. It has affected the corneas of his eyes, which can cause him some pain and discomfort in times of stress, so it is important that darling Petey lives in a low-stress environment as much as possible to keep him healthy. This means he wouldn’t be suited to a home with young children – he would much prefer the company of adults!

It is possible that he could have a recurrence of his ear issues in the future, and his eyes will require lubrication with some eye drops to keep them free of pain, so it is important that his forever humans are committed to caring for him and seeking any treatment he may need for potential future eye and ear issues he may develop through the course of his life.

Pete is a part of our AAPS assist program – this means that for the first 12 months following his adoption, his adopters will be entitled to a free monthly consultation at our vet clinic (if required) to monitor his condition.

Pete started off life as stray cat and picked up FIV during his time on the streets, which affects his immune system. For many reasons, he absolutely MUST be an indoor only kitty, as this will be integral to keeping him safe and healthy.

Pete is such a gentle, curious boy who is still learning that the world is not a scary place, and that people are not mean. He has come out of his shell exponentially since he arrives – and is almost a totally different cat now! Pete will enthusiastically share his ultra-sweet and scrumptiously smoochy side with you, and is even starting to show some cheekyness! He loves puzzle toys and is incredibly clever!

Pete may like to live with a nice kitty friend as he has lived alongside other cats previously, however it is recommended that any feline siblings are also FIV+.

Tag · 614291

Age · 1 year

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000014712157

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