Nala is a young, active girl who unfortunately never received the training or socialising that pups should have during their younger years. She is still adjusting to the big world out there as she is exposed to new things every day. Nala is looking for someone confident and patient, that will show her the way of the world and open her up to new situations and environments in a positive way. We know with the right family, Nala can not only work on her skills and behaviour, but she can begin to really show her personality and affectionate side.

Nala is energetic and will need plenty of enrichment and exercise to tire her out.

Nala would love her new family to be home more often than not. Nala has lived with dogs in the past, though the set-up was not in a social sense and as such her social skills need to be developed before living with any other dogs. Nala would not suit a home with cats or other small pets, and would best suit a home with any children over the ages of 15.

Tag · 33906

Age · 2 years

Gender · Female

Breed · American Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Microchip · 956000007871566

Status · Expressions of interest

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