Have you ever seen a more handsome boy?!

This absolutely LOVELY big, beautiful, stunning kitty cat sure to turn heads! He’s not just a handsome face, though, he has the most fantastic personality and is truly a 10/10 cat!

He is the king of head-butts and will enthusiastically nudge you to greet you. He cannot get enough of attention and will soak up all the love you can give him!

He would be happy to live alongside respectful kids, and would like an indoor home where his family showers him with daily affection and invites him onto the couch (and maybe even the bed!) with him for a big cuddle.

He has never lived with other animals, however he has not reacted negatively to seeing other cats in the shelter so with a slow and steady introduction he may be happy to co-exist with a feline friend.

Tag · 614842

Age · 7 years 2 months

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 982000365112899

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