Lily & Pipa

Meet Lily and Pipa, two best-bud cavoodles looking for a home together.

Lily and Pipa are friendly and curious girls who enjoy the company of other dogs, no matter the size.

Lily, the younger one with the black and tan coat, is more boisterous and will jump on any lap once one it is formed. She will then expect to be patted. If the patting should stop, she will paw at the lap-maker’s arm or hand until the patting continues.

Pipa, is more relaxed than Lily but enjoys boisterous play, running after Lily and generally trying to make herself as lovable as possible. Sometimes she will try to sleep or rest in the same space as Lily, in a mothering sort of way.

They love the beach but not the water.  In fact, they don’t like being wet at all. They will chase balls and sort of bring them back to you if you offer a treat at the end.  

They are good with small children and will usually just move out of the way if they are being too intrusive.  They do jump up on visitors they know when they arrive at the door. But will get down and retrieve a toy as an offering.

Commands they understand:

  • Do you want to go out?
  • In your bed.
  • Get off (the furniture)
  • Up (with a pat on your lap).

Tag · 32887 & 32888

Age · 5 & 10

Gender · Male

Breed · Cavoodles

Microchip · 956000004824851 & 956000008543346

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