Lasagne is an affectionate young man who is ready to meet his new BFF!

He prefers if you let him come to you, rather than rush to pat him. it doesn’t take him long for his curiosity to get the better of him and him come wandering over to get some pats.

Lasagne will only become more affectionate, confident and playful the more he settles in his new home. He has a glorious big circle face that he likes to headbutt you with, and a small body that sometimes seems a little uncoordinated. He rarely sits still when there is people around, and will dip and dodge through your legs.

He is a beautiful boy looking for an indoor only home, as he may wander off if he has the chance.

As we don’t have history of young Lasagne, it is hard to know how he would adjust to life with other pets in his home. We believe he would be best suited as an only pet, or potentially with a relaxed cat friend after very slow introductions.

Tag · 614246

Age · 3 years

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Status · Expressions of interest

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