Juni & Rexy

Foster to adopt

Juni and Rexy are our fabulous senior superstar duo searching for their very own happily-ever-after for however long their forever may be.

At 15 years young, they may not be spring chickens – but don’t be fooled! These two still have a lifetime left of love to give. They love their little walks and are very friendly with everyone they meet. They don’t mind the presence of other dogs, although Rexy can at times be selective. They are not too fond of cats, and ideally, they would be the only furry friends in their forever home.

Juni and Rexy both require significant dental procedures as unfortunately they both have severe dental disease, so their home will need to be prepared to transport them to and from our clinic as necessary until they are given the all-clear! Rexy is already missing some teeth and will likely need quite a few more removed, so these pups will need to eat a predominantly soft-food diet. Our vets are developing a management plan for their arthritis and Rexy’s heart murmur to help them become the healthiest and happiest that they can be.

These pups are searching for a quiet and loving retirement home who will give them the lives they truly deserve.

Tag · 33827 + 33826

Age · 15 Years

Gender · Male and Female

Breed · Maltese Terrier

Microchip · 956000001912537

Status · Foster to adopt

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