Joan and Miley

And the Guinness World Record for the cats with the biggest eyes goes to….

Joan and Miley the bug-eyed beauties have the most striking features – it’s like they are looking directly into your soul!

They are delicate flowers, and at the tender age of 5 months old they both simultaneously became mama cats, sadly forfeiting her own kittenhood. They each had 3 babies, and during their time in foster care they lovingly co-parented their 6 babies. After going through so much together, these sisters have a very deep bond!

The world has been a big, confusing and scary place for these kitties in the first 7 months in her life – but amazingly, they have not let this get them down. They are very sweet girls with the kindest nature.

Being only kittens themselves, they are very curious and playful! Joan and Miley would love a home with lots of fun towers to climb, tunnels to zoom through and jingly jangly toys to play with.

They would ideally like to be the only furry friends in their home, and would prefer the company of adults or older/cat-savvy teenage kids.

They can’t wait to get the second chance they deserve at living a care-free kittenhood where they are loved and cherished just as they should be.

Tag · 614680 + 681

Age · 7 months

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000016551663 + 956000016562294

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