Goose is an adorable but crazy kid. He doesn’t mind having some ‘me’ time if you’re out of the house but does love a good snuggle in bed and stealing food. He is often described as the couch potato of his litter, but he will join in with his siblings when investigating new places and toys. He also earned the nickname “trash cat” as he get into anything that could possibly be food! You will need to keep a watchful eye on him, especially around the kitchen, and make sure not to leave any food where he can get into.

Goose has lived with his big group of siblings in foster care, as well as a friendly dog, and enjoys all the company, but he also would be happy as an only pet if his family is around often enough to give him plenty of love and attention. Goose is friendly and gentle with children and will snuggle up with just about anyone!

Tag · 613962

Age · 12 weeks

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000014858365

Status · Expressions of interest only

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