Franklin is a little firecracker!

Being so young, full of energy, smart and playful means this boy most certainly needs to be kept busy to keep his brain and body happy.

He would be well suited to living on some land with plenty of space to run around, and would thrive with some ongoing training, plenty of enrichment, puzzles and games. He is the kind of dog who would love to be given a job, however he loves being around people and is very affectionate so he is looking for a home that will treat him like a family member.

He would be best suited to living with kids 12 and up due to his high energy and boisterous nature.

He will not be suited to a suburban backyard lifestyle, and it is important that his forever family are familiar with the cattle dog breed and behaviours. He is a very good boy, but he does have a lot to learn and does need a lot of guidance and confidence building to go before he becomes the bestest doggy he can be.

He can get a bit frustrated on the leash when he is meeting other dogs, and experiences “barrier frustration” when he is separated from other dogs through a fence, but he means no harm and does like to make friends with other well-mannered dogs.

He would benefit from some more socialisation, and at this point would be best suited as the only dog until he can learn to be consistently confident and polite around his fellow dog friends.

Tag · 33873

Age · 1 year 5 months

Gender · Male

Breed · Cattle Dog x Staffy

Microchip · 956000015031627

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