Foster or foster-to-adopt

Dyson is an INCREDIBLY special boy searching for a very special home.

This little guy has been through more in 4 years than most cats will have to go through in their entire lives, and his struggles aren’t over just yet.

Starting out his life as a stray on the streets fending for himself and fighting for food and shelter, he was quite rough when he first arrived in our care just over 140 days ago.

He was matted from head to toe and had some battle scars from his time spent living rough, which has resulted in him being FIV+ – by the time he came into our care, he was living with chronic flu and severe, INCREDIBLY painful dental disease. His FIV compromised his immune system, making these illnesses so much more detrimental on his poor body.

But for all he had been through and all he had suffered, this boy wasn’t about to give up! He has no reason to trust humans, and yet he laps up all the attention he can get and simply adores human attention.

He is looking for a loving foster/foster-to-adopt home who will give him a safe space to continue to heal. He has been going back and forth to vet and specialist appointments to get to the bottom of his chronic sneezing, but since starting on a new medication he has made a significant improvement so things are finally starting to look up for our darling Dyson!

He has no teeth now due to the severity of his dental disease – so he can only eat soft food and has the sweetest gummy grin.

He so deserves a life of love, comfort, safety and happiness – and we know there is a kind person out there who is ready to open their heart to him. <3

Age · 4 years

Gender · Male

Breed · DLH

Shelter arrival date · 9 Jan 2023

Microchip · 956000016553601

Tag · 614762

Status · Looking for foster care

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