Duke (Dukey) is a big smoocher and he thinks he’s just a little lapdog. He is happiest when he’s just chilling on the couch with his humans, getting plenty of pats and cuddles. He loves to sleep in a warm comfy indoor bed and will stay there all night snoring away. When you wake up he will greet you with a big stretch and wagging tail. He is definitely and indoor dog, who just loves being part of a family. He would prefer someone to be home more often than not to keep him company, but when you’re not around, he will be happy just lazing about in his bed and having a snooze.

Duke loves treats and is very food motivated, so all eyes and ear will be on your if you have a delicious snack in your hand. He is such a gentleman and is very well house trained. He will let you know when he needs to go outside to toilet, but sometimes prefers that you come out with him to supervise. He doesn’t like to be outside on his own for very long.

Duke can be quite strong on the lead, so his new family will need to be confident and capable to walk him, and work on some lead training.

Duke can be quite the scaredy cat when their is harsh winds or thunderstorms, so relies on his family to be home to make him feel safe when that happens. Just being in the company of people he trusts makes all the difference, and on those nights he will just want to sleep beside your bed.

Duke is friendly with people of all ages, but doesn’t particular like other furry friends. He would like to be the only pet of the households. He can be quite dog reactive, so wouldn’t like to go to areas with lots of dogs such as dog parks or cafes with a lot of dogs around. When he sees a dog he may bark and try to pull the lead to say hello to them, which can come across as imitating to some other doggos, so it’s best to keep him on lead. Some ongoing socialisation training would be great to try and help Duke settle in company of other dogs.

Duke will follow you around, supervising everything you do, even in the bathroom, he just likes to know where you are at all times and be part of it. When he’s excited he’ll do zoomies all around the backyard or the house, with a big happy smile on his face.

Duke would best suit a home with no young children, but teenagers would be more than okay. Once Duke has settled in and feels comfortable and safe with everyone in his new home, he will show you his beautiful personality and goofy antics. He’s a very beautiful boy with a gorgeous temperament who just loves to be loved ♥️

Tag · 32981

Age · 7 years

Gender · Male

Breed · Staffordshire bull terrier

Microchip · 956000004243337

Status · Foster only

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