Duchess Of Cambridge

Aaaand the Sassy-Pants award goes to….. Duchess of Cambridge!

Yep, she may be a sass queen, but that’s what we love about Duchess! She’s got attitude and will tell you what’s what – so she is looking for an experienced, adult only home who know and love sassy kitty behaviour!

Don’t get us wrong, she is very confident and friendly the majority of the time, but the stress of being in the shelter is certainly a bit overwhelming for our lovely Duchess. She has been known to give our staff a bit of a scratch or a warning bite when she feels like her boundaries are being crossed. She doesn’t mean any true harm, she just likes to ensure that her space is respected. It can be very stressful to live in a shelter, and some cats cope better than others. We anticipate that Duchess will be much more comfortable in a home of her very own, with plenty of space and cosy places to sleep.

She is simply stunning, full of beans, and overflowing with personality! She will need a home with no other pets, as she simply MUST be the centre of attention at all times, and will need a lot of enrichment and toys to keep her happy and healthy!

Tag · 614325

Age · 1 year 3 months

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000011396004

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