Appropriately named ‘Cuddles’ is an adorable, snuggly senior boy with a beautiful soul.

Cuddles is looking for a kind, quiet and loving retirement home where he will be invited to share a cozy spot on the couch and bed with his humans, and plenty of windowsills to sit at and watch the world go by. Our cat staff simply ADORE Cuddles – they say that his presence makes their world so much brighter, and we can’t wait to find the lucky person/family who will have THEIR world brightened by this totally gorgeous boy.

He is an extra-special man and has a number of health issues our awesome vets have done a fabulous job of developing a treatment plan for. Cuddles is a part of our AAPS assist program as he has some conditions that require ongoing care. This program will offer 6 months’ worth of free monthly consults, and 30% reduction of his food and medications for the first 6 months post-adoption. We will also include a free ultrasound after 6 months to provide more information about Cuddles’ gastrointestinal issues, and ensure we are keeping him on the correct treatment plan long-term.

Cuddles would prefer to be the only pet in his forever home, but he may be happy to share with another friendly kitty as long as they were introduced appropriately.

Cuddles may not be the ‘easiest’ cat to care for from a medical perspective – but he wants the safety, love and comfort of a forever home just as much as any other kitty. We know we will have to find a special person with a very big heart to provide Cuddles with the puurrfect forever home that he truly deserves, so if you think that might be you, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Tag · 614410

Age · 12 years 1 month

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000003018385

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