Cornwall & Bodmin

Bodmin and Cornwall are the most adorable team!

This super-sister-duo absolutely love to explore and play, they are super-duper curious and oh-so-cute!

Bodmin does tend to be the leader of the two, and Cornwall will follow in her footsteps. They would love an indoor home with lots of jingly-jangly toys to play with and fun towers to climb. They will become queens of their future castle in no time!

They could live with cat-savvy kids, and could potentially share their forever home with another furry friend with a proper introduction.

They can’t wait to find a loyal and loving family who will commit to caring for them and keeping them together, forever!

Tag · 614773 + 777

Age · 21 weeks

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000016318995 + 956000016701454

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