Chocolat is a shy young female piggy who aspires to become a renovator.

Chocolat is more active at night time and we tend to find in the morning that she has redecorated her pen for us. Apparently, we didn’t put everything where it was supposed to be. She would love to have a spacious indoor pen with plenty of piggy furniture to move. She would also love to find a new piggy companion to share in her antics.

Chocolat would be suitable to live with a group of females or be paired up with a male guinea pig. She would prefer any children in the house be older and guinea pig savvy.

We do piggy dates to make sure the guinea pigs will be compatible.

Tag · 614922

Age · 1 year

Gender · Female

Breed · Abyssinian

Microchip · 956000015965689

Status · Available for adoption

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