Big Friendly Giant Alert!!!

Introducing Chase, the 42kg baby! At only 8 months old, this big-big boy still has plenty of growing to do – but don’t be intimidated by his size, he’s a TOTAL sweetie.

He’s a super playful and incredibly loveable pup who loves his toys, and already walks well on the lead… (well, most of the time!)

Chase came to us from a pound, and he hasn’t had a lot of exposure or socialisation in his young life – but he is a darling dog who just wants to impress his humans and be told he is a good boy.

This big baby lacks a bit of confidence, so he is looking for a loving and experienced home who will help him re-discover the world and show him how awesome life can be. He would benefit fantastically from some group training classes and continued training. He still has a lot to learn, but he is a very good doggy student and learns quickly.

He could live with dog-savvy kids over the age of 8.

Because of his lack of exposure to the world, Chase isn’t sure what to make of other dogs just yet. We are confident that with continued socialisation he will learn that they aren’t so scary, and that other doggies can be friends.

Because of his size, Chase will not be desexed until he is the appropriate age – so he will be foster-to-adopt.

Tag · 33041

Age · 8 months

Gender · Male

Breed · Wolfhound x German Shepherd

Microchip · 956000012841001

Status · Foster-to-adopt

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