Greetings, world! Sparkles here, ready to share my epic tale of bravery and adventure.

Once upon a time, I embarked on a courageous journey through the trials of a major surgery. But fear not, for I faced each challenge with unwavering determination, fueled by the love and care of my foster family.

In their warm embrace, I found solace and strength, my spirit shining brighter with each passing day. Despite the hurdles I faced, I never lost sight of the joy and vitality that define me.

Now, as I gaze into the horizon with hopeful eyes, I dream of finding my forever family. A family with children over 10, who understand the depths of my gentle nature and appreciate my zest for life.

While my adventures haven’t yet led me to meet other dogs, I’ve shown a peaceful coexistence with cats, proving my adaptability and kind-hearted nature.

So, dear reader, if you seek a companion whose bravery knows no bounds, look no further than me, Sparkles. For in my story, you’ll find not just a dog, but a hero whose journey inspires us all.

Age · 4 Years 4 Months

Gender · Female

Breed · Pointer

Shelter arrival date · 10 Jan 2024

Price · $500

Microchip · 991003000300186

Tag · 33299

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