Charlie is a gorgeous smiley goofball with so much personality. He is friendly with absolutely everyone he meets and just wants to smooch and play!

He loves other dogs and will need another doggy friend in his new home to play with all day long. Ideally, a dog of a similar breed would be great, or at least a very active dog that can match Charlie’s energy levels and set an example of good doggy behaviour!

Charlie will always be a very energetic dog and will need his days filled with training, enrichment and play. He is a very intelligent dog and responds very well to training. He is looking for a family to continue her training journey and testing that big brain of his!

Charlie has a few puppy mannerisms that he is still trying to outgrow- so we would recommend keeping anything you don’t want to be chewed well out of reach!

Charlie is so friendly and gentle with people of all ages and would be a wonderful family dog. He would be great with children of all ages, and it would be wonderful for Charlie to have plenty of people for him to interact with and get lots of pats from.

Ideally, Charlie’s new family will have experience with the Harrier (or similar) breed, and be prepared for a dog with high energy levels.

Tag · 33919

Age · 8 months

Gender · Male

Breed · Harrier

Microchip · 956000014698735

Status · Available

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