Beautiful Buddy is a sassy little dude searching for a cat-savvy home!

In a past life, Buddy experienced a lot of stress which led to some re-direction of aggression. Since being in the shelter, however, he has been the most incredibly friendly, smoochy boy!

Sometimes he still will give a little chomp when he is over-stimulated, but once you let him decompress, he goes back to being his sweet, smoochy self!

This little troublemaker is looking for a stress-free home (as much as possible) where he can be his silly self without becoming too overwhelmed. This means he will need to be the only pet and would not be suitable to live with children.

He would love a home that could offer him lots of playtime and enrichment to keep him busy! He would LOVE an outdoor cat enclosure; however, this isn’t necessary as long as there is plenty of enrichment on offer in the form of puzzle toys, cat TV and windows to bird-watch out of.

In some ways, Buddy is more like a dog than a cat. He may get frustrated if he does not receive the right kind of care and attention, so he is looking for a dedicated family who will provide him with the lifestyle he needs to thrive!

Tag · 614495

Age · 2 years

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 953010005018266

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